The Society of Women in Taxation was formally inaugurated on 7th May 2010 as an arm of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) to serve as an umbrella body of the female members of the Institute and to meet the yearnings and aspirations of women for recognition as a force to reckon with on Tax policy issues. It is also to serve as a forum for the promotion of the socio-economic development of women.

The Society of Women in Taxation (SWIT), a body comprising female members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) whose objectives are to identify with and assist the CITN to achieve its laudable objectives; empower women to reduce poverty as well as increase their disposable income and educate women in particular and the public in general on taxation and the necessity for paying taxes.


To be one of the leading Professional Women Associations in Nigeria.


To build a society that will promote the interest of Women in Tax Policy, Law, and Practice in furtherance of the aim of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria


Integrity and Service



SWIT is established to, among others:

• Assist the Institute in the protection of its Charter and status, as well as the interest of its female members; and promote and maintain a high standard of efficiency and professional conduct.

• Encourage and assist women entering the taxation profession; and promote the continuing education, intellectual growth and professional knowledge of its members.

• Encourage members to participate actively in the Institute and other professional tax organizations.

• Consider all questions affecting the interests of the taxation profession at large and create a forum for the objective study of contemporary problems in organizations engaging in taxation practice or administration.

• Undertake projects to enhance the image of women and publicize their achievements in taxation and the professions.

• Undertake tax awareness campaigns in various sectors of the society and economy to foster growth and inclusiveness.