Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Programme.

A day entrepreneurship, mentoring, skill acquisition and empowerment programme, organized by SWIT Bayelsa state Chapter on Saturday 29th July 2023 at the CITN Yenegoa and Distinct Society Secretariat.

The Chapter Coordinator, Mrs Tonye Buseri emphasized the importance of having a skill set in her welcome address, she encouraged all participants to pay rapt attention to the programme. About seventy participants were in attendance of the programme, Mrs Tonye Buseri also remarked that among the objectives of the programme was to empower ten of the participants to be well grounded in catering skills by ensuring payment of their training fees to have a three-month intensive training in Catering services.

The first paper presenter; Mrs Ebiladei Okoto demonstrated a practical session on how to prepare small chops, which include Puff -Puff, Samosa and Spring Rolls. The second session was anchored on how to make drinks such as Chapman, Yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt and Fruits parfait. The third Lecture was on how to Combine fruits for fruit Juice and Smoothies including Avocado peer & Beetroot + Banana watermelon & Pineapple etc. It was an impactful programme.




The society of Women in Taxation was formally inaugurated on 7th May 2010 as an arm of the Chartered institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) with a view to serving as an umbrella body of the female members of the Institute and to meet the yearnings and aspirations of women for recognition as a force to reckon with on Tax policy issues.

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