SWIT Chapter Visit to Onitsha Market

The chapter’s visit to Onitsha market’s sector leaders had a clear mission: to emphasize the importance of proper record-keeping.  This effort aimed to empower businesses by promoting financial transparency, accountability, and long-term sustainability. It encouraged the adoption of modern tools and practices while fostering a  sense of community and shared responsibility within the marketplace.  The visit marked the beginning of a transformative journey towards a more efficient and trustworthy business environment in the Onitsha market. Attached are copies of some of the pictures, which speaks volume.

It was a very interesting outing as the Anambra chapter of SWIT, in collaboration with the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service, enlightened the public on tax matters, emphasising Personal Income Tax. The Chapter Coordinator, Dr. (Lady) Ifeoma Obieri and Mrs. Ify Josephine Okafor represented SWIT. It ended very well. We thank God for the privilege.


The society of Women in Taxation was formally inaugurated on 7th May 2010 as an arm of the Chartered institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) with a view to serving as an umbrella body of the female members of the Institute and to meet the yearnings and aspirations of women for recognition as a force to reckon with on Tax policy issues.

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